Cimilre S3 Breast Pump

Type: Breastpump

Vendor: Cimilre

As you know that Cimilre and Spectra were the same company manufacturing breastpumps in Korea. Cimilre is now manufacturing a new model 'S3'.

Here are main reasons to choose this model over the competing ones:

  1. Single/Double-sides operation
  2. Hospital Grade
  3. Super quiet - noise level less than 45db
  4. Highly adjustable - 12 suction levels, 5 massage levels, cycle frequency can be asjusted between 30-46/min
  5. Suction strength up to 330 mmHg - slightly more than Spectra's 300mmHg
  6. Closed system - prevents breast milk backflow into the motor
  7. Auto shuts off after 30min of use
  8. Built-in Night Light - 3 levels compared to S1+; only 2 levels
  9. LED display that indicates duration of expression
  10. Lighter in weight than S1+
  11. Not as bulky as S1+
  12. Price is 20% cheaper than S1+
  13. Suction is as good as S1+

Cimilre S3 comes with 1-year local warranty. Also is supplied with IDA approved power adapter.

Beware of parallel imported Cimilre pumps that come with unapproved power adaptors. 


What's in the box:

  • Cimilre S3 pump + charger
  • 2 x 30mm narrow neck breastshields
  • 2 x 150ml narrow neck Bottles (cap, disc, teat, teat cover)
  • 2 x Backflow Protectors
  • 2 x Tubings
  • 2 x White Valves
  • English Manual

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