Neuner's Pregnancy Tea

Neuner's Pregnancy Tea

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With raspberry leaf and ginger. Caffeine free and sugar free.



Chamomile, lemon balm, peppermint, raspberry leaf, ribwort, lavender, ginger.Organically grown herbs, 100% natural, no added flavorings, sugar and caffeine free

Content: 20 seal-wrapped tea bags (total of 40g).

Our Organic Pregnancy Tea is a special herbal blend to support you at this very special time. It combines traditional herbs like raspberry leaf, chamomile and peppermint along with soothing herbs such as lemon balm, lavender and ginger.

Our blend is balanced and very mild so this caffeine free infusion can be enjoyed throughout the entire term of pregnancy. Our pregnancy tea has a lovely fresh taste and is a great drink for mums-to-be.

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