Fun Wipes

Fun Wipes

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Earth-Friendly, Biodegradable, BPA Free, Chemical.
100% Safe
Baby and Kids Friendly
Just add water and see it transforms

Product Description:
Fun Wipe is a compressed compostable cloth-like wipe that expands into with additional of water
100% Safe, BPA Free, Chemical Free, Biodegradable, Fragrance-Free
Multi-Purpose, Multi-Functional for sports, first-aid or even makeup removal
Hypoallergenic, super-soft and gentle on sensitive skin
Disposable yet completely reusable, can be rinsed many times and let dry for multiple use.
Super Absorbent to soak up messy spills in the kitchen or bathroom
Compact and Convenient, comes with a refillable On-The-Go tube for ease of carrying out or storage

Use them for:
alternatives to serviettes
hand towels
baby wipes
make-up cleansers
household wipes
travel wipes

They are perfect for people who:
have children
have allergies
have limited space
care about the environment

Content: Refillable On-The-Go tube containing 10 Fun Wipes
Ingredient: Made of totally 100% viscose plant fiber derived from renewable plantation timber and bamboo
Dimensions: Compressed – 2cm Diameter by 1cm Height; Fully Opened – 22cm X 24cm
Direction of use: Add Water and watch it expand!!

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