Kiddylicious Chunky Puffs Banana

Kiddylicious Chunky Puffs Banana

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Our delicious Chunky Puffs have been made in a specially designed bakery that is free from the 14 declarable allergens.

Until now little ones will have been using their whole hand to grasp objects. Now you may start to see them using their thumb and first finger –their pincer grip.

These Chunky Puffs are large in size and ideal for little fingers to pick up and encourage self-feeding too.

With a hint of real fruit they don’t contain any artificial flavourings or colourings.

Corn flour (75%)
Banana powder (14%)
Sunflower oil
Natural banana flavouring (1%)
mineral iron
thiamin (vitamin B1)


Typical values per 100g per pack
Energy (kJ) 1880 226
Energy (kcal) 446 54
Fat (g) 14.2 1.7
(of which saturates) 1.2 0.14
Carbohydrates 71.6 8.6
(of which sugars) 11.8 1.4
Fibre 1.4 0.17
Protein 7.3 0.88
Salt <0.1 <0.1
Sodium <0.1 <0.1


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