Naforye Full Body Nursing Pillow

Naforye Full Body Nursing Pillow

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Most moms will experience a discomfort feeling while pregnant and after they give birth.
Our Fully-body Nursing Pillow is made for those whom are suffering with neck, back, belly, or leg problem. This full body designed allows the pillow to follow the contours of your whole body and to give your body full support while sitting or lying down. Both side pockets turned inside out to hide the Velcro strap and D-ring to avoid irritation to the skin.
The wrap-around Velcro closure design provides a more comfortable seating prevention for moms to oppress the wound from an episiotomy. Not only that, it also helps moms and babies to maintain good posture for breast or bottle feeding and can also be a soft support surface for babies to lie on and sit. The removable, washable and zip closure cover that makes it clean easily.

Our Full-body Nursing Pillow is useful before, during, and after your pregnancy; providing the most comfortable and customizable nursing support for every mom!

Material:100% Cotton / 100% Polyester

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