Naforye Toy At Hand Strip

Naforye Toy At Hand Strip

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Has your child ever thrown his/her toy and cry incessantly want it back, but you always could not find it? Recommend you a great solution for any parent tired of playing this throwing game. Try our Toy At Hand Strip provides a safe attractive method for keeping baby's toys close at hand. Just snap one end to the baby's toy and the other end connect to stroller, high chair, baby carrier and more.

 Adjustable to two lengths (11" up to 12") to keep toy from hitting the ground when out on a walk and keeps them nearby when indoors; no more lost or dirty toys, pacifier & accessory teether. Also it is a ready Key-ring in your bag.

Size:Length 50cm
Material:Sponge Leather (BPA FREE) / 100% Polyester

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