Neat Solutions - Clipsterz

Neat Solutions - Clipsterz

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Our Clipsterz™ keep things attached where they need to be. The easy to use "alligator" clips are perfect to secure items to clothing, strollers, car seats, high chair covers or anywhere that makes Mom's life easier. Keep track of sippy cups, security blankets, pacifiers, toys & more. No more lost objects on the go. Multiple options for multiple functions and the clip-clip version helps you create your own "Neat Solution"!


Our Neat Solutions® Clipsterz™ are great for keeping those small objects attached where they need to be. Combos include a universal pacifier leash clip and a sippy cup/bottle holder clip or a multifunction 2 clip leash and a sippy cup/bottle holder clip. The perfect solution for keeping up with things at home or “On-the-Go”.

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