ViveVita - Bandette

ViveVita - Bandette
Fun Labels for Kids Cups An Bottles
Bandette Cup and  Bottle Labels: Solve ALL of your labeling needs easily 
Write on it! (using a standard ball point pen)
Erase it! (by rubbing the information off)
Make it Long Term! (by placing in boiling water for 5-10 minutes)
Label with daily and/or long term information-date, contents, and/or names, allergies etc.
Reduces germ spread by easy cup recognition-no reading required
Fits most cups, bottles, drinks and small containers
Perfect for daycare, school, sports events, and everyday use at home
Dishwasher and Microwave safe
BPA & Phthalate FREE. Food grade silicone
To use:
Lightly stretch the band and place where the fit is the snuggest.
Bandettes Instructions
Writing on the labels:
For long term information (names, allergies, etc) write the information using a standard ballpoint pen and place your Bandette label in boiling water for 5-10 minutes or put your label through a very hot dishwasher cycle. Allow writing to cool and dry before touching. Very hot water seals the written information.
For daily information (dates, times, contents, etc), write the desired information using a standard ball point pen and rub it off when ready to change. Be sure to remove the daily information before dishwashing or boiling.
6 cute characters and colors Zoo Animal Set: Orange Lion, Green Monkey, Blue Panda Garden Bug Set: Pink Ladybug, Purple Butterfly, Yellow Honeybee 

Type: Bandette

Vendor: ViveVita

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