Happy Hopperz - Thinner Body for Smaller Toddler (Moo Cows)

Happy Hopperz - Thinner Body for Smaller Toddler (Moo Cows)

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Our MULTI AWARD WINNING HappyHopperz® are a collection of bright, inflatable bouncers that not only rival the space hoppers of the 1970's but take the BOUNCING to a whole new level.

With grippable ears/horns and now Wing mirrors and 4 wide steady feet/wheels to balance on, our wonderful HappyHopperz® come in a variety of different styles and colours that will give 'Old Macdonald' (+ now with the introduction of our new VEHICLE range, his Tractor too,) a run for their money!

  • Now available in 3 fun-having sizes for all the family...You're never too old to bounce!
  • Helps Children develop Co-ordination and Balance.
  • Proven to Strengthen Core Muscles and promotes Spacial Awareness.
  • Grippable ears and 4 wide steady feet give children stability and enable them to play safely.
  • Ideal Therapeutic Aids - used by Occupational and Physio Therapsists nationwide.
  • Ideal for both indoor or outdoor play.
  • Easy to clean, heavy duty, phthalate free PVC.
  • Pump supplied FREE! Just Open, Pump & BOUNCE!

LEARN – about Body Movement & Spatial Awareness, what keeps them healthy (exercise) and discovering the limit of their ability

DEVELOP -Self Confidence , Balance control , Hand Eye coordination , Imagination play , Social interaction

PLAY – Enjoy a good old fashioned bounce around or play any of the  new exercise/learning games designed for parents to interact with their children whilst using the Hopperz , teaching them colours / shapes / numbers at the same time as playing. REFER TO BACK  OF BOX TO SHOW THE GAMES 

Gain all the benefits of physical exercise / health lifestyle / strengthening muscles / building confidence / social interaction and encouraging imagination play all from one great product.

Size: Thinner body for smaller toddlers (60cm x 20 / 25cm)

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