ILDong Agimeal Yumyum Colostrum Wafer

ILDong Agimeal Yumyum Colostrum Wafer

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This is for babies aged 7 months old or above. Please take out certain amount for feeding.

It is a good snack for babies.

Babies may not be used to having hard snacks in their mouths. Please stay beside them and give guidance.


  • Wheat flour (U.S.A)
  • Vegetable oil (Palm kernel hydrogenated oil (Malaysian)
  • Palm Oil (Malaysian)
  • Palm stearin Oil (Malaysian)
  • Colostrum whey protein (New Zealand)

Nutrition designed for growing babies!

  • Colostrum for baby's health
  • Bifidus lactobacillus for babies with weak digestion
  • Reinforced zinc and folic acid to help with immune system and growth development

No Addictivies (MSG; synthetic flavoring)
selected raw materials considering baby's health!

  • No L-glutamic sodium (MSG) or synthetic flavoring
  • Used unhardened vegetable oil that eliminates concern about trans fats

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